Trouble setting LocRotScale IPO

Not sure whats going on…I can’t keyframe any of the bullet meshes for some reason.
I removed the revolver mesh, in the attached .blend as I’m sure it wasn’t important.

  • There don’t appear to be any pre-existing IPO curves assigned to each of the full bullet meshes.
  • Duplicated with Shift+D, to get 6 meshes
  • objects are moveable, but when I try to advance a frame, all of the bullet meshes bundle up…or DISSAPPEAR, as shown in attached images
  • Appended the bullets from alternate .blend file, it didn’t work.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Sorry I can’t be more descriptive, I don’t understand the problem…

They either return to a pre-ordained origin, or simply disappear.

  • In the second example, with the revolver, after I set the first LocRot Ipo for each of the bullets, they immediately bundled up.
  • I’m lost.

Thanks for checking it out, hope you can help.


explosive turntable help.blend (734 KB)

I see the problem. All the bullets share the same IPO data block. To see this go to Outliner and expand each bullet (“Sphere”). You’ll see that each has the same “ObIpo.003”. I don’t know how it got that way - perhaps in the way they were duplicated.

To fix it

  1. go to animation view
  2. Select one of the bullets
  3. Expand the the IPO Curve Editor until you can see “ObIpo.003”
  4. Click the X beside “ObIpo.003”.
  5. Do this to every bullet.

Now you should be able to animate them independently.


Thank you!