Trouble switching cameras

Has anyone else had this problem: I want to switch cameras, fine I select eg camera2 and hit ctrl-0 and nothing happens. camera view still shows the old camera, sometimes though even that won’t work. To make it switch I have to select the 1st camera object and move it a bit and only then will switching to the new camera happen.:confused:

2.5 svn 29708


I have noticed occasional oddities with 2.49b regarding active camera selection too. I find that clicking on some other object (doesn’t seem to matter what it is) and hitting CTRL-NUMPAD0 clears it out. Sometimes I have to click a couple of things before it switches.

I’m not sure what it is.

Edit: Sorry, CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD0.


thanks I’m reassured that its not just me :expressionless: , the strange thing is that it not always a problem, I just can’t put my finger on what triggers it.