Trouble to even connecting to this site

I’ve heard about this site for quite sometimes now, but all this time I got a problem connecting to this site. Only recently I tried proxy servers and found out the only way I can get to this site is by using US based proxy server, and even that sometimes it gets “hinky”. No, we don’t have any kind of inet censors here, and any other site is fine, just this one.

Another thing is I use Comodo Secure DNS server as one alternative (1 in 8) and I recently got a warning from it that this site is unsecure / malware site. Have to manually bypass it.

Wonder if it just me…

yes good idea, you can use a proxy site like :

I have the similar problem.
Most of the time I got this message.
Website Offline, No Cached Version Available…
Today, luckily I can access this site.