Trouble trying to view a solid object inside a wireframed object

Hi, I running XP and blender 2.62.

I’m told there’s a way to make one object in a scene a wireframe and another object inside the wireframe a different drawtype, such as a solid. I placed a Suzanne inside a cube. Once I made Suzanne solid, the cube also became solid. So, I tried to make the cube a wireframe by going to the properties menu for the cube and selecting Display>Type>wireframe. Nothing happens; the cube remains solid and I cannot see Suzanne.

The only way I can see a solid Suzanne inside the solid cube is by selecting her and in the properties menu clicking on: Display>Type>X-ray

Any suggestions would be welcome.

I fixed this by fiddling with the selections. Don’t know how or why but now it works. Sorry for any inconvencience