Trouble unwrapping

Hi Everyone,

Having real trouble unwrapping this object. Its resulting in weird UVs and in some instances all the vertices are in one position! Can anyone help me out? bit of a UV newbie. ThanksBuilding.blend (548.2 KB)

How did you model your mesh and why would you choose that approach?

My try:

what are you planning to do exactly? If you want to paint directly on your object in the 3D view, you can simply choose the Smart UV Project unwrap option, if you already have an image and you want to project each wall on it in the UV Editor, you can create some seams on each angle and simply unwrap. But before, make sure that you don’t have overlapping vertices (make a merge by distance).

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@moonboots You seem wise in the ways of Blender.
I cam across this looking for a solution to my problem. I am using the Smart UV Project but still having problems when also subsurface dividing. The merge by distance undoes all my loop cuts I made to sharpen edges that I do not want smoothed.

hello, only use merge by distance if you think you have some mistakes, i.e. overlapping vertices, also you can tweak the merge distance threshold in the Operator box (once you’ve merged, the box on the bottom left of the 3D view), don’t use merge by distance if you have no reason. But maybe create a new topic with an explanation of your problem? in that case put some screenshots and more details…