Trouble using Scorpius's I/O Suite

It isn’t so much trouble using as lack of experience. I believe it said it could export from Blender to .lwo format. I see how to import files that are already .lwo but I need to export my .blend file. A brief search here didn’t give me the answer to this question, so can anyone help me understand what I need to do to export .blend files to .lwo? Or is there another script to export .lwo out there that I couldn’t find? This is my first time trying to use scripts in Blender although I’ve been modeling in it for about a year. Any help is appreciated.

The instructions are in and I quote:

Select a mesh object, press Alt-P to run this script, then left-click on a file and manually change the extension to .cob, lwo, .off, or .radio, depending on which format you want to export.

I guess I should also mention that you can just type in any filename you want and add .lwo at the end of it.

Ah, I see. Thx for you help and patience. Like I said I’m new to using the scripts. Time to give it another go I guess.