Trouble w/Forum (<-- Noob.)


Wasn’t sure where to post this, so I figured ‘Off Topic’ would be safe in general. One of these days I’ll get one of my projects to a point where I’ll actually post it - still a total noob. :wink: Having an issue with this forum itself though, that I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix. For whatever reason, if I leave a browser window open (Firefox 1.5) it at some point apparently logs me out, and back in again. This is getting rather frustrating, because it then flags all the posts I haven’t read yet as no longer new. Worse things could happen, I suppose, but it’s a tad on the annoying side to be losing track of where I’m at in my browsing pretty constantly. I figure there’s likely to be some kind of quick fix to this, was hoping someone might know what it was.


Same to me; additionally the text input boxes don’t work reliable. They often add formatting code at the end. Half breed ajax…But I think this is the wrong forum.

Just so you note there is a forum for website and forum issues.

When you log in, make sure the “Remember me” option is checked. And yes, wrong forum for this.

as Friday13 states, please fill in “Remember me”

and yes, wrong forum.

here’s the correct one for this: Website and Forum