Trouble when exporting objects on Blender

Hello, i’m making a very simple game, and i’m having two problems when exporting objects from Blender to XNA. Please somebody help me!

  1. I have a plane, that has the same texture on both sides, on blender it appears to be fine, the textures are there, no problem. But when i export it (as. fbx) and load it on Visual C# the texture only appears on one side of the plane, the other side is blank.

  2. When i try to export multiple model on Blender, to load them on Visual C#, only one object shows up. Example: I have two cubes on different positions (not too far from each other), i select them both and click export -> Autodesk FBX(.fbx). Everything works fine, but when i load them on C#, only one cube appears, i have no idea where the other cube is, or if it’s there.

I’m new on making games and using Blender, so i don’t really know if those two things can be done.