Trouble While Dragging Objects

Hi Everybody !

I designed a model in Blender 2.62.
This model is made of different objects.
Each object has its own name.
When I select one of these objects and move it, other objects move too !
I do not understand why.
It acts like one single object but these objects have different names.

Many thanks !

Are they parented to the object you are moving ?
Have you added any constraints that would affect their movement.
Ensure you don’t have proportional editing enabled. Press O to enable/disable or the icon on the 3d view header

Many thanks !
In fact the proportional editing mode was enabled and induced the trouble.
Could you explain why it induces moving of other objects ?

It will affect other objects that are in its sphere of influence (mouse scroll wheel or page up/down to change)
In blender 2.6 proportional editing works in both edit (other vertices in the object) and object mode (other objects).

Thank you. See You