Trouble Whilst Moving Model

So I’ve rigged it up very quickly, with as few bones as possible.

I’ve got 3 in the back, 2 leg bones per leg, 3 arm bones per arm (Shoulders) and a neck and head bone.

The trouble I’m having is every time I move the bones, something messes up with it.


One more:

I need to know why there appears to be these (locked in place?) verices.
And I also need to know how to fix it.
Thanks for all help :slight_smile:

Oh and incase you’re wondering what it’s meant to look like…

Looks like you need to pay some serious attention to your vertex weights; some may not be assigned to a bone, some may be assigned to the wrong bones, most will probably need at least adjustment if all you’ve done so far is automatic weighting when binding the mesh to the armature. “Automatic” does not equal “perfect” or even “optimal.” Manual adjustments are nearly always needed.

Thanks very much, I will have a look into how to manually set the vertices’ weights.

Anyone here that can link me to a tutorial on how to do this please?
Thanks :slight_smile:

The strange behaviour of delocated meshes is almost certain due to odd weight painting. This applies to about 99% of all the threads starting with ‘my mesh is broken…’ :wink: There is a gazillion of tutorials out there in the interweb about mesh weights/skinning/rigging and what not.
I suggest the tutorials by david ward on his youtube channel for the three series on character animation. He explains the complete workflow starting from scratch.


One tip about those spiky limbs – don’t rely on a single vertex pulled far away from the others to form the tip, it can “bury” itself and become hard to reach with weight painting tools, plus it makes for very odd UV unwrapping in many cases. Use a few edge loops along the shaft of the spines and Edge Slide them up close to the tip, and you’ll have fewer difficulties.

Thanks for ALL of the responses guys.
I really appreciate the help, turns out it wasn’t due to the weight painting but that it was because the vertices at the bottom of the spikes weren’t being added to the bone’s corresponding vertex group.

Again, thanks for all the help.