Trouble with animations and game logic

Hi. I’ve begun working on a game and made a few animations
for my character. They all seem to work fine, except there’s one problem.
I use “w” for moving the character forward. When I turn the character, say to the right while moving forward (w,d) The character will run, turning to the right, but once I let go of d, to keep the character just moving forward, it goes back to playing the idle cycle . . .

Is there a way to fix this? Should I adjust the priority levels? Should I add
properties to fix it? I appreciate any help.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hmm, all right, that seems to be fixed, but when I make the character move forward (running and walking {w, w-Left shift}) The idle cycle
still imposes, instead of the running or walking cycle.

Hmm the idle cycle priority is a 4, the running is at 3 and the walking is
at 2, so shouldn’t the idle cycle be overridden by the running and walking cycles?

Maybe its the gamelogic I made for the idle cycle. (I’ve heard that the idle
cycle isn’t suppose to have game logic connected to it, but I really didn’t
understand that.) What should the idle cycle sensor be set to. I set it to always. Could that be it?


It could be a problem with the modifier key system, I can never get those to work right…

The modifyer key system? Yeah, those do look pretty tricky. :slight_smile:

But I was able to solve the problem. :stuck_out_tongue: This is what I did:

A created a plane beneath the character’s feet, then parented the character’s armature to it. I let the plane do all the moving, while
the armature just does all the animations. I works superbly.

Um, I’m rather embarassed to say it, but I don’t know who the author
to Mech-interactive is. That’s where I got the idea. Anyway, credits to the
author of Mech-interactive!