Trouble with baking procedural material (normal) as image texture


I’m currently trying to bake my procedural material normal as an image texture. However, my normal image texture looks messed up. I’m now stuck and don’t know what to do atm. I looked up the internet and I couldn’t find a solution. I can share my blender file if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated!

This was my process for baking:
I made my high poly model
uv unwrap
image texture node
bake normal

It looks a problem with overlaping faces in UVMap, or with the modifiers you’re using.
Can’t say for sure without the blend file.

If the first link doesnt work. I posted my file in the second link. Thank you so much

You should disable the modifiers for rendering (the camera icon) before baking. Specially the ‘Solidify’ modifier.

You should also fix your uvmaps, as they fall outside the uv space bounds.

the reason I need to export the texture because I need to give the model mesh and procedural texture for my group mate to work in cinema 4D. and I don’t know how this workflow exactly works (first time)

So if I disable my modifier and bake the color, roughness and normal. Will it still be possible to be UV wrapped in C4d?

For the UV map, can I scale it smaller that it fits into the UV space bound? I don’t mind the texture slight change, but if I move the UV map on of my texture orientation changes.

Sorry just got into blender for a month, still trying to figure everything out.

Thank you.

This is how it look after i scale down the uv wrap and disable the modifier. So I assume I need to apply my modifier in order have a high poly texture image?

You can keep the Subdiv and the Decimate… in this case, they don’t cause any problems.
The problem is with the solidify, which doubles the faces with the same uv coordinates. The bake function will also bake those new faces, but as their normals are flipped (in respect to the uvmap), they overlap with the ones from the Subdiv.

It seems to work fine now. Thanks a lot I was curious why does the material I bake seems to be different than the procedural material I made? I mean like slight color tone change and roughness

You might want to check your color management settings.
And since you’re working for a C4D project, you might also want to read how C4D deals with textures and their color space.

in blender itself seems to have a shade lighter than I initially had and the certain color isn’t shown as prominent to the original

Don’t know why that might happen… Maybe someone here more used to baking could help you better than me…