Trouble with Beveling curves

I’ve made a sequence of numbers 0-9 with bezier curves and then beveled them with a bezier circle. Works fine, but for some reason not all the numbers have the same thickness. For the time being I’m just going to make a circle for each of the ones I’m having trouble with so I can adjust it manually, but I don’t understand why I’m having to do this. Any ideas?

By thickness do you mean bevel depth could you post a shot or a file and are you beveling in the curve panel why r u using a circle?

I’m using a circle that is smashed down to effect a square.

Did you scale them before applying the bevel?

Look to see if your radius value is smaller on the thinner curves probably if it is it’s from being scaled as someone said…

Yeah I did scale them, but I applied the scale to all the curves before beveling.