trouble with blender, need help

I have a problem running blender on my computer. I had an old Pentium II, 350Mhz computer that ran blender fine. But I recently recieved a Dell P4 1.5Ghz computer. You would think that the faster computer would result in faster blender. But that wasn’t the case; my new computer can’t run blender anyware near the way my old comp did. My new comp, runs it much slower. You have to wait for the menus to load, the renders take longer, and modeling can take longer. If anyone can tell me what I can do to make blender work a little faster, please do so. :smiley:

if you have an intel video card:
instal latest drivers, consider buying an nvidia one

intel cards don’t accelerate opengl very much

if you have an ati card:
do a search on this forum for more examples of the problem (slowdown with use, probably driver versions 3.9 and later)

and if it is a cheap one, consider buying an nvidia card
else (aka and/or?) bug ati support

if you have another card:
tell us more about your system

Turn down your hardware acceleration in display settings.


z3rod, I have a little old 16megabyte ATI card that came with the computer. I was trying to find a driver update but I couldn’t find my card on the ATI site. :-? My friend didn’t think getting a new video card would do much though… What do u think?

your friend is wrong - getting a decent nVidia card will do wonders. even an older, cheap one will do (gForce 4 mx440, even my GeForce 256 - the first one - handles 150.000+ poly scenes quite well). don’t buy an ATI, many ppl have problems running blender on ATI (nothing against ATI, but in this particular case you have more troubles then fun).