Trouble with boids


I’m trying to create something like an animated studio logo. 13 winged bullets are to fly over an edge. Then the camera will zoom out to show that the edge belongs to my nickname in 3d.
Well, anyway. I wanted to use boids to animate the bullets just to have them fly like a flock of crows or something. I set the system up following along the corresponding chapter in “Bounce, Tumble and Splash”. As long as I use anything but “object” for the visualisation everything works as intended. As soon as I use the bullet object though, the particles behave very strangely. Please see for yourself, I’ve attached the .blend.

I tried to scale the object and to apply the scale data. I scaled the emitter mesh and the goal empty. I played with the different settings but all to no avail.
Does anybody of you have a solution to this? Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


13bullest intro.blend (250 KB)

GDay 13Bullets,

I had a quick look at your file and found that when I cleared the location of bullet.001 (Alt + G), the weird strobing effect disappeared. I think the boid calculation must apply any reference object transformations to the boids.

You’ll need to adjust the mesh (rotate 90 in Z axis) to aline with boids along their path of flight. I also ended up with an occilation of some of the boids along their axis that I was unable to fix up.

Hope this helps!

Worked like a charm!! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!