trouble with "building a digital human" by ken bri

hey all iv recently brought “building a digital human” by ken brilliant and it looks like a wonderful book yet at the end of chapter 3 iv hit a snag round about figure 3.40 he adds loads of edgeloops to the face and which he doesnt explain where to put them so i wonderd if somone could explain in more detail or suply me with an obj file from the begining of chapter 4



Hi Fudge,

Here is a link to another human modeling tutorial which might help.

well thanks for the link, but i just spect 26 quid on this book, so i would rather get this sorted.
Thanks anyway


anyone please?

I don’t know if you know this forum:

It’s more orientated to SubD-modeling programs like Mirai, Nendo, Windg3D etc. You’ll find lots of dicussion about edgeloop modelling. They might know an answer to your question.

Good Luck!


Maybe you should just stop. I don’t mean forever, I mean just for a few days (or weeks) and work on something totally different. I had to do this a few times while working through the book, just to clear all the frustration.