Trouble with constraints


 I have a game character that will utilize weapons through out the game.  In this case have created an animation of the character drawing a gun and shooting.  My question is how do I parent the gun to the armature so it moves with the hand in sync with the animation during the game?  I perused a blend file that incorporated the use of constraints.  In my attempt to emulate this file, I set up a constraint for the gun.  I made the target of the constraint an empty. I parented the empty to the armature. The gun stays with the hand permenently during the realtime animation, yet when I start the game engine it is now separated from the charater and it just falls to the floor.  Constraints are completely new to me so i must apologize for my naivety.  Can anyone offer any insight to what I'm doing wrong?


Hmm, I don’t think constraints work in the engine, you could try to join the gun to the armature :p.

:x Wait! I meant to the mesh deformed by the armature.


    Thanks for the reply R2Blend.  Joining the gun and the mesh would work.  The only problem is, that it seems like it would make the process of switching between different weapons cumbersome. Unless, of course I create an helper bone branching out from the hand and assign the guns vertices to the helper bone's vertex group.  It sounds simple enough I guess.  I presume this is what you were hinting towards when you suggested joining the gun and the mesh.  Thanks again! :D

You’re welcome :slight_smile: .