Trouble with creating translucent glowing spheres

I’m trying to recreate this:

I got this far but can’t seem to make the small spheres look the same. I need semi-transparent glowing balls:

Any suggestions?

Try using the layer weight node as the factor of a mix shader to blend between transparency and emission:

and to get the streaks in the reference photo, you’ll have to use the glare node in the compositor. This is what the final result looked like:

and here the blend file if you want to look at it:
net globe.blend (1.3 MB)

Maybe it takes alot of tweaking for the desired result, but alpha blend and a strong sunlight gives also a similar effect.

alpha_blend_sunlight.blend (704.8 KB)

Here’s what I did really quick if you like:

Instanced spheres on the verts of a fully transparency icosphere, wireframe modifier on a copy of that icosphere. Mixing with transparency on the basis of incoming dot normal tuned to eye with a curve. Distance from empty measured in nodes to modulate brightness, tuned to eye with pow and add nodes.

Would be improved by glare, volumetrics (but I don’t know if you could get Eevee to do the volumetrics right from an emission mesh, I never played with doing that.) Actually, I don’t think it would be improved by glare, I don’t really like those glare streaks on the reference, they look cheesy to me.

Thank you zanzio, this is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll give it a shot, hopefully it’ll come out like yours.

Hi bandages, I like this very much also.Thank you!

But I cannot seem to find those nodes, Dot Product, Divide, etc. Can you help?

Dot product is an option for a vector math node. Divide, power, add, absolute are options for math nodes.

Thanks bandages, I found it.