Trouble with Defocus node

Hi. I haven’t been using blender for a long time now and yesterday i finally downloaded the new version. I’m trying to use the defocus node, but it doesnt work for me… I established the focus point of the camera, DoFDist, right? then i put the defocus node and turned off the “no zbuffer”, so i could tweek the “fstop”. But every time i touch this button, it just disappears and it frozes the “no zbuffer” on.
I hope i’m not sounding to confusing, but i looked everywhere and i cant find the answer!
PS: im using a mac (in case if its a bug)

Press F12, and watch your console window. it is compute intensive, and takes awhile. You are probably interrupting it so it keeps starting over. Once it is done, you can disable the No ZBuffer and fstop will re-appear. Use 25% and small images when playing for faster response.

Hmm. Its not working. The fstop always disappears. Is there any step-by-step tutorial on this. Maybe im doing something wrong?

I’m very new in this node and composing, but, as I understood, this new node, Defocus, allows us to focus on a spot without needing to do all those strange and complicated steps to simulate DOF, right?
I apreciate any help. :wink:

maybe this page will help you:


THX A LOT MATE! that blender file showing the example was perfect!!! You made my day! :smiley:

glad that i could help.

If you wanna play with the No zbuffer button just be sure to disable the “Use Nodes” button else it wil freeze, at least on windoze. Once you get any sort of a complex noodle setup it’s a good idea to disable that button if on windoze unless you want to crash Blender. It’s not like that on Linux though.

I’ve never had trouble with the defocus node and “Use Nodes” button on Windows. Weird. Maybe I’m just lucky? I do have a decent computer though. It’s a laptop with 2 gigs of RAM and a Core 2 Duo processor T7600 at 2.33 Ghz. Maybe it’s a RAM limitation thing?