Trouble With Drawing Uv Texture

I Need a little help.

I Have Made a Rocket Ship scene and it looks pretty good, Heres a link.

But now I have a problem… Yeah you guessed it, the texture.

I have completed a UV Map for my Rocket Ship and I have imported the guidelines into Gimp.
However I don’t really know much about gimp, or any 2d art program for that matter.

What I would like is for someone to direct me to a tutorial for gimp that shows how to make a Clean Metal Plate Texture.

Please help.

There are not a lot of specific Gimp tutorials on line. Gimp is close enough to Photoshop, that it’s possible to follow Photoshop tutorials in Gimp, once you are familiar enough with Gimp. So, find some basic Gimp tutorial on painting anything, work through it to familiarize yourself with how it works, then look for tutorials on painting metal textures.

In the meantime, you can download a photographic texture of metal (Mayang’s Free Texturesis good) and use that instead.

Thanks, I was kinda hoping I could get somthing a little bit of a tighter timespan but i guess Learning anything takes time.