Trouble with Duvet/Bed Covers Material.


I’m having a bit of trouble at the moment. I am attempting to make a bedroom scene and so I modeled and textured everything, then did a test render. I don’t think that the cover/duvet on the bed looks very realistic, any good ideas on how to make it look better and more aesthetically pleasing? I’ve put a picture of the scene and the texture setup i’m already using down below, maybe suggest another way? (The Bedroom scene isn’t full quality by the way).


  • Andrew :slight_smile:

Well, assuming this ‘duvet’ (unfamiliar with the term) is the solid blue cover on the bed, there are a few things you could do to add more detail. First of all, I think you should sculpt in more wrinkles to it. Quite a few more. Possibly sculpt with a slightly square-like pattern to hint at what’s underneath it. Also, right now it’s only practically a solid diffuse, I’d recommend a couple different Noise textures, and maybe some Noise texture displacement and bump mapping.