Trouble with exporting from blender to 3d Studio

Hi evrybody.
I think i have some trouble with exporting to 3d Max. Perhapse i’s my fault, but i don’t know where i doing wrong.

I’ve got two files. I’ve got one by transforming another. I’ve tried export to 3ds(3d max sayed that is incorrect file) obj(big trouble with normals an perhapse with mesh) and fbx(3d max crashes whithout error)

Also i tried export this model by parts. I can export only guns. But corps and tower of this tank i’ cant export.

I think i make a mistake at modeling,

Blender is 2.49b for windows
3d studio max is 8 version (i can use only thi version, because i use specific plugin which doesn’t work with any others)


mt2.blend (158 KB)ht1.blend (173 KB)

Problem still appiers