Trouble with eyes

I was trying out TorQ’s face modeling tutorial (very good!!). But have run into a problem that I always seem to have – getting the eyes right.

Followng TorQ’s tutorial from a sketch

Eye modeled from photo

The two put together

Notice how flat the model looks across the eyes. This is driving me nuts, can anyone suggest what’s wrong with my proportions. If I curve the eyes back on the ear sides the model looks better, but the pupil of the eyeball can’t be located in a reasonable (natural) position. The same if I rotate the eyes outward. Moving the eyes futher forward or back doesn’t seem to help.
What am I missing???

you need to pull the outer vertices back so they wrap around the head more. They look flat, because they are flat. Imagine the shape of a pair of raquetball goggles, or ski goggles. This is the shape that the eyesockets should be. Not the shape of sunglasses, which go straight from side to side, but the shape of goggles, which wrap around the head.

Thanks for your reply Modron. The racketball goggles idea helped me to sort it out. While I had tried to “wrap” the eyes more before posting, the results were less than satisfactory. The mental image of the racketball goggles made me try again thinking that there must be a way. My eyeball size was to large – once I sorted that out it all fell into place.

updated pic