Trouble with Fliud Sim (Cycles) - Please help!

Hi there!

I have some trouble with the fluid sim (Cycles GPU rendering with Blender 2.67). Perhaps it is an absolute beginners question - I don’t know :rolleyes:

The scene I made is very simple:

  • 1 (empty) drinking glass (obstacle)
  • 1 sphere (inflow object)
  • 1 rectangle box (domain object)

The sim runs 2 seconds with 50 frames total.

If I bake the fluid sim all runs quite well. The water runs into the drinking glass and the water level rises up. But somewhere in the middle of the sim (frame 30 or so), the water level stops rising up (1/4 of the tumbler is filled) although the water runs still on … I tried several things, but nothing changed. I can’t fill this tumbler with water up to the top! ??? What’s wrong ???

And the second curiosity: If I resize one of the above object (for example the drinking glass - obstacle) and do another baking (cache files of earlier bakings are deleted!) this object works not more as an obstacle and the fluid runs through. The only thing to fix it is to delete the object and make a new one. ??? Is this OK ??? Or is it a bug?

Thanks for help!


What’s wrong ???
Maybe if you had attached or posted a link to your blend file someone could tell you.

Or is it a bug?
99.9% of the time user error or user misunderstanding. Again cannot tell without a blend file.

I have also moved the thread from Blender Discussion to Support / Particles and Physics Simulations. Before you start a thread please have a think of which sub forum would be the most appropriate.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section.

Here’s a snapshot of the settings of domain, inflow and obstacle and the water level at frame 33 and frame 50

Looks about right, no?
In 33 frames, you filled the “red” volume. In ~half of that time (17 frames) you filled the “blue” volume.

Assuming constant inflow volume and considering that the diameter of the obstacle increases from bottom to middle, I would exactly expect the depicted behaviour.

What happens if you let the sim run for 200 frames? Does the obstacle still not fill up?
Also, please post your .blend file, it’s way easier to help with the file attached, then just go by pictures and explanations.

If you scale your object, you need to apply your scale before running a fluid simulation or you will get exactly that problem. Ctrl-A to apply scales and rotations.

Thanks for your hints …
Both works fine !!!