trouble with joan of ark tut

hey all i would really like to make a decent head tutorial and i stumbled upon the joan of ark tutorial after hearing how good it was it really got me motivated but i kinda looked at it and got lost on the first step lol embarrising i know :expressionless: heres the link the bit im stuck on is where it says add the polys by the eye i can get it right in front view but i just get lost when it comes to moving them in the correct posssions in side few i wonderd if anybody could explain it in a diffrent way?

Thanks fudge

(yes i know that is the worst grammer youve ever seen, heck there is no grammer lol)

ok fudge this grammar thing requires your attention as much as blender does :wink:

let’s come to the eye:

i hope you have your viewports set up in a way that you see a front and a side view, bothe with the appropriate bg-image.

now, after you have added the polys, simply select points in the front view, concentrate on the side view and pull them until they reach the place you think is right.( hey, don’t worry if it ain’t perfect right from the beginning.) while pulling vertices, always switch to 3d view to check if you got the curvature of the eye right. then switch back and tweak. the most important thing - just do it. pull the vertices back, even if they are not in the correct place. everything is better than sitting there and asking “how the hell am i supposed to do that??!!”

so, try to roughly sculpt your first face, THEN you’ll know what went wrong, then it’s time for a new, better one.

good luck if you look in side view i need those verts up tet the ones in front to stay the same, any idea’s?

the images aren’t aligned properly - don’t worry abt that. if some vert’s aren’t “EXACTLY” in place - ok, leave them. if it bothers you extremely, though, fire up photoshop and align the images properly using guides. but really, this isn’t that important.

I remember when I did the Joan of Arc tutorial that it was impossible to perfectly align the images because the images themselves didn’t align perfectly. What I did was align them the best I could and then adjust the y offset (where you load the background image) slightly when I was working on the mouth or eyes etc. to temporarily align the part I was working on. I then set the y offset back after finishing that area. As solmax said, don’t worry to much if they don’t line up exactly, the image is only a rough guide and there will be lots of time for tweeking after you have the “mask” locating the mouth, nose and eyes done. You will probably find that the eyes will need some adjustment anyways once you add the eyeballs.

Happy Blendering,

ok well my computer have been broke for a while but iv got it working so i decided to give it another go but im stuck on how in side view do you arange the verts becouse iv tried so many times yet it just look messy

Please help, Fudge