Trouble with joining


I’m been working with blender and getting a hang of it. I have a problem though. I created a body of a guy but made the hand in another file. Using the append I got the hand next to the body.

So far so good, but then when I used the join hotkey. They joined but half my guy disappeared! Why? Is it because I used a mirror?

It sound like you joined the mirrored object to the non mirrored object rather than the non mirrored to the mirrored. The last object selected is the active object which will maintain all its modifiers, which in this case you should select the hand, then the body and then join them.


Thanks, but it didn’t work, I still lost my arm and my leg.

can you show a picture or upload the blend…it will be a lot of help

Try applying the mirror modifier before joining, and then, after joining, delete half of your dude and make a new mirror. This will also get the hand in the exact right location on the other half of your guy.

Hope that helps!