Trouble with Lighting the scene

Hi all,
I have modeled a scene and textured the desk in Substance Painter (see screenshot 1). Exported all textures and imported in Blender. The legs of the desk are in Aluminium brushed. Added lights over the desk, environment HDRI image, a lamp below the desk etc. but the legs are still very dark (see screnshot 2)
What can I do to make the display the legs like in Substance Painter?

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

If you only need one material per object you should delete the other slots (minus sign)

What do the material nodes for the leg material look like in Blender? Are you using normal maps?

Check that all the image textures other than the one going into Base Color are set to Non-Color for Color Space.

Yeah we really need to see your Node setup…
Here is a simple PBR using Albedo ( not really needed) , Roughness and a Normal…The Aluminum is created by the Rough and Normal. Diffuse only adds Color to Metalness ( which could be ANY color)… Specular gives the shine.

Only a HDRI in this scene, and scaled down the textures…

Hi guy’s,

Many thanks for your quick reply. I was able to find out the issue! Shame on me, seems that Substance Painter made a mistake exporting the textures. Interesting that the wood material is ok but not the aluminum. I have used another export preset and now it works.

Many thanks to you all supporting me.

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