Trouble with Lighting

Hello there, I’m having a interesting problem. First, on the materials scope of the project the lighting works fine and how i want, however when i switch to blender game engine and play it, its too bright. i am uploading screen shots of the level so i can see if you guys can help with whats going on.

On Materials:

And in the BGE:

I’ve tried projects with, and with out textures, and have tried messing about with things, but am still not having any luck figuring how to get the shading and the lights to like it is in materials mode. The first one is what i want, the second one is just too bright.


is the game set to GLSL or multitexture?

There are absolutely no textures in it yet. Its set to default as far as i know. Also says multitexture, found the option for it.

Awesome! the open gl fixed it! :smiley: are you able to use textueres with that? or just straight objects?

You can use textures with GLSL just the same.

Sweet that will make things so much easier. That lighting issue was killing my project. Now ill be able to test light switches and stuff! :smiley: