Trouble with mirror and multires in 2.63

When i use mirror for modeling and try to sculpt I get modifier not supported in sculpt mode.
Multires is on top as it should be, mirror used to work fine with sculpt before. I like to use the mirror for when i flip back to edit to adjust things from there as symmetry doesn’t always work.
Also I’m getting odd normal (not regular) problems when i do edit the mesh.

mirror modifier wont be supported in sculpt mode you have to mirror the symmetry in on the x y or z access on the side panel in sculpt mode

aye works till I subdivided ditched the mirror (applied ) and carried on thanks anyways.

I’ve noticed this tutorial from Kent Trammel with heavy use of sculpt that still uses the mirror modifier though he first sculpts a bit then removes half then adds a mirror modifier then applies the mirror then carries on sculpting with multires modifier