Trouble with normals

I have a problem with some normals on a mesh I’m working on, and I’m hoping someone can help out. (Sorry, this is probably a very newb question, but I’ve tried several different things and I can’t figure out what’s going on.)

I’m trying to model a very simple door (don’t laugh! Programmer art here :slight_smile: ) and the normals for the front and back faces of the door are very strange. I’ve used the EdgeSplit modifier hoping to get hard edges. I’m expecting something like this, which is what I get when I use the modifier on a simple cube:

Instead, I get this:

At first I thought that EdgeSplit wasn’t working properly, and that the front and back face didn’t have correct normals. I’m expecting to see three normals come off of every vertex, one for each face, but I only saw two. Then I noticed that if I set the NSize to be very very large, there IS a third normal there; it’s just tiny. Suggestions? What’s going on here? In addition to using auto EdgeSplit, I’ve tried marking all of the edges of my door to be sharp edges, and I still have the same problem.



Try CTRL-A, and apply scale.

select all> ctrl v> merge doubles

To prevent this in the future, do your scaling while in edit mode with all vertices selected, instead of scaling in object mode.