Trouble with paste flipped pose

I am having issues using the copy paste flipped pose feature. Whenever I use the command this happens:
good pose bad pose

I have been playing around with the rotation of bones for a long time now with no avail.
For some reason the blender file will upload but not appear as attachable so unless I am aloud to link I cannot share the file ):

PS: Also this is my first time really using rigs and blender in general, it would be great if there is any other advice you might suggest


You can use to upload your file. You will not be able to upload here until your post count gets above 10. Also, you will be under moderation until then.

Some things you can check: In edit mode, select all of the left or right bones, with x -mirror on (Tool panel), type G and enter. If any bones flip on the opposite side, you’ll know that your bones where not symmetrical. Improper naming (.L and .R for right and left) will cause the mirror pose to fail as well.

Pole angles often need to be reset for left to right in the constraints.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply! I have managed to fix it a little earlier.

Basicly the left side needed to be rotated 180-degrees with the exception of the calf which needed 90-degree turn, the green bone did not need to be rotated and the left side of the leg was flipped on its own with the flip pose.