trouble with paths

I have a path in my animation that a car travels along, and the car is the parent of multiple axels and wheels. Everything seems to work fine, the car follows the path fine, but when I tell the axels to rotate around the global x axis, they go all wonky and rotate freely all over the place. I have fooled around with it for hours and i cannon figure out why. PLEASE HELP!

Try this: Hope it helps - worked really well for me in the past. Cheers, Clive

Several things I can think of that may do this kind of thing:

  1. Because the body is parented to the path, as far as the transforms are concerned, it rotates in space whilst staying still, so wheels that are children of it will start rotating the right way, then as the body rotates, they will start to rotate all over the place, cos they are set to rotate on a global axis. You need to parent the wheels direct to the path to solve that one.
  2. You could rotate the wheels using an armature, and parent that to the path. They then rotate using a local axis, so the problem doesn’t arise.
  3. Did you Ctrl-A all the parts of the mesh before starting? I’m told it’s essential to have all the axes of the parts pointing the same way before this type of action works.