Trouble with Pixar-eyes tutorial

I was working through this tutorial, and I reached the stage where I put the pieces of the eye together. I modeled the pieces in one mesh, and applied different materials. I rendered the eye with the pieces separate, and they all looked fine. But when I moved them into the eye, they rendered shiny black. The outside remained the same, but the sclera looked like it had taken on the pupil’s material. Except that it was shiny.
Here’s a better representation…

The see through thing… dunno what it’s called, turn off traceable in the links and pipeline tab and… the eyeball itself… more shiny and a little mirror on it… make it white… I was looking at someones eyes yesterdfay and noticed the eyeball itself mirrors things … so…

Looks like you did everything you’re supposed to. The sclera is the sphere, the eyeball. It doesn’t appear to have changed color. The cornea, on the other hand (the blue dome covering the iris) changed to black in the second render, and the iris itself, a blender grey in the screen shot, is black in both renders.
First, the cornea is transparent, so in the first render you are seeing background color through it (blue) and in the second render you are seeing the iris and pupil (black). This actually is as it should be.
The problem seems to be that the iris is black as well as the pupil. Try reapplying a light, bright color, say, sky blue or green to the iris faces, and render it again. You should see the colored iris and the black pupil through the cornea. You might want to move the camera to get more of a front view, too, to better see what’s going on inside.

Once you’ve got the colors straightened out, there are a couple other issues with the tut: the eyeball is shaped more like a stuffed olive than a sphere. You’ll have to scale it down a bit along the axis going through the pupil to get it round again, otherwise it will “poke through” the eyelid when the eye rotates to look sideways. You will probably also have to adjust the dome shapes of the cornea and the iris to get the reflected highlights looking good. A good technique is to set up a lamp that affects only the eyes, to get more control over the highlight.

Thanks for the help, guys! I think it was mostly the materials that were screwing up, 'cause I reapplied them and it worked like a charm.
Need to fix the reflection on the iris.

I see what you mean about the shape. Must be a UVsphere thing, right? The way the vertices are arranged weights the subsurf in a way that pulls it into an oval.