Trouble with rigging Toby

I’m having a bit of trouble rigging. The eyes of my character Toby don’t rotate with the rest of the head. I’ve been trying to fix this but I have run out of ideas. I’ll upload the .blend if anyone is interested in helping. And a pic of the trouble I had when rotating the neck. Had to do away with the textures so that the .blend file was small enough to upload.


Tobacconist.blend (679 KB)

Just another thought, I think it may be to do with the parenting of the bones. All the bones for the eyes and eyelids are parented to another bone which is in turn parented to the head bone to the neck to the back and so on.

Parent the EyeLidTop and bottom bones to the head not the eye bones.

I’ll try that, thanks.

Yep, I had to parent the eyelidtop, eyelidbot and ‘blinking’ controls to the head and works perfectly now. Thankyou very much, issue over.