Trouble with rigging

Hi. I’m bery very new to blender and I wanted to change a pose of a doll that is for sims 4 but some how I kinda deformed it and have no idea how to fix it. here is the file if anyone wants to see how i messed it up.

It would be awesome if someone told me what to do or fixed it for me cause this thing has been a problem for a few days and I don’t know what else to do

I have had a quick look at your file and note the following that all have an effect:

  1. Your armature has unapplied scales - CTRL+A => “Scale” in Object mode to correct, you will always have issues if you have unapplied rotations or scales on an armature object.

  2. You have some unexplained bone roles that need resetting. - Do this in Edit Mode by normalising the bone roles.

  3. Your IK chains have strange pole target angles - I don’t understand why these are as they are?

  4. You have no bone connection between the limbs and backbone.

  5. You have no “root” bone used as a parent object for the IK targets- this is normally placed between the feet at ground level.

  6. You have some miss-match or vertices of the mesh to the bones, so for instance if I move the right leg IK pole angle, the left leg rotates as well. Did you parent with “Automatic Weights” or weight paint it yourself?

  7. Your legs are offset from straight in a downward direction, they should be offset the other way so the resolver knows to bend the legs at the knee in the conventional way. Your pole targets are causing all sorts of problems here.

  8. Your mesh and Armature to do share a common origin point, whilst this is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended.

  9. I do not understand why you have two armature modifiers and only one armature - what is the first one (s4studio…) doing?

  10. your mesh is made entirely of Tris (three sided faces), best practice for Blender is Quads (four sided faces), Also you are getting black areas on the cheeks for example when you render the image, this is not good either and may be either a materials issue or something else.

Simply switching off the IK constraints corrects the mesh rotation in Pose Position, therefore I suspect the pole targets are a major reason for the failure, but everything else contributes. There may be more errors, but these above are more than enough!

If you select “Rest Position” for the armature it returns to normal, but in “Pose Position” all these errors show in the legs. Can I recommend you read the “Humane Rigging” tutorials (a simple Internet search will reveal these) to get a better understanding of rigging a biped mesh?

It would take me far too long to disentangle all this, I would recommend you start again with a new armature, having looked at the tutorial I mentioned. To do this you should first remove all parenting from the mesh, delete all vertex groups and remove the armature modifiers. I have tried clearing all transforms, but this does not help you. I would also make the mesh from Quads - you can convert Tris to Quads in Blender. Did you get this mesh from somewhere else or make it yourself?

I cannot find any “quick fixes” to recommend to you, perhaps someone else could look at this as well.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. you have included some strange extra files in your .rar file - this almost made me delete it immediately! Next time just post the .blend file please. You can pack any image texture files into the blend file.

Thank you for answering and like I said I’m confused. Sorry about the extra files I forgot to take the sims 4 studio stuff out. Also the black markings is part of the skin. I have a version of this doll that doesnt have any rigging in it if you wish to check that one out.

Yes please, please post it to in the blends section, then post the link here.

I cannot promise to to anything quickly, but it may help - let me know how you get on with a new rig - you could look at the Rigify add-on, it is over complex for what you are doing, but it will give you some good pointers.

Cheers, Clock.