Trouble with rigid body sim

I’m working on a pendant that I eventually would like to get printed, but before I send it off, I wanted to make sure that I have the loop to hang from the chain in the right place. I was trying to do a rigid body sim to test this, but the pendant just seems to keep falling through. I’ve tried scaling (and applying the scale), adjusting the mass, changing the collision detection, but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

You’ve applied collision to the chain, correct?

Have a look at this tuorial here:

Happy blending!

Thanks for reminding me of that tutorial, teaLeaf. It’s what I needed. scaled (and applied), set the necklace to active, but unchecked dynamic, adjusted the speed, and it worked like I expected. And it seems I have the loop in the right place :smiley: or at least close enough to work more or less as expected, which is what I was trying to find out :wink: