trouble with selecting objects

Hi all
I’m very new to these forums and blender so please bare with me as I’m sure this is a noob question.
While modelling the head of a figure the body became unselected and now I can’t select it or anything in order to connect the two together. I really would prefer not to start again if this is just a simple I clicked the wrong button issue especially seeing as I’m now onto day 2 of modeling it and it’s taking a bit too long to complete in terms of our project time line.
simply put I can select and edit the seperate head part of the figure I’m working on but when I go to select the body (the two pieces are still seperate), I cannot select the body. it looks like its stuck in object mode when I need it in edit mode.
any suggestions as to what button I may have accidentially clicked or if I’ve done something werid like put the two different parts on 2 different scenes or something without even knowing it.
cheers in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hello, and welcome! Do hope you’ll have a great time here. Perhaps the following suggestions will help you out.

  1. ensure that any objects that are selected are in object mode - You cannot select another object if currently selected object(if there is one) is in edit mode.
  2. select the part with the Right Mouse Button

3 - You can drag the grey header of the window down a bit to expose the program options. In there somewhere is an option to use either left or right mouse button for selecting stuff.

TAB key to switch to Object mode, select the body, TAB into Edit mode.

If you already knew that, it’s something more complicated or arcane. Some ideas:
-take a look in the Outliner and see if you’ve turned off the body’s selectability (the little arrow).
-you created the body in a new Scene and linked to it as a Set (visible but not editable in current scene). Select the correct Scene or cancel the link in the Render->Output window.

post a .blend file, if you can

In response to above queries I have included here a screen shot showing what is happening. I’m not sure how to upload a /blend file sorry … don’t know any sites that do for files what photobucket does for images.

it shows the head in edit mode but the body is still in object mode, or what appears to be object mode. I can select the body and put it in edit mode but the head is then left out. I need both to be in edit mode at the same time so I can join the head and body together in order to finish to model.

please be nice this is my second attempt ever at modeling a human. It’s supposed to be a low polygon game model but I got a bit carried away with the polygons on the head :stuck_out_tongue: This first one failed cause I got the mirroring back to front :stuck_out_tongue: The hands I also modelled seperate to the body but had no issues joining them to the body.

Thanks for any help that can be provided :slight_smile:

well, that’s a very nice head for a newbie, I should say.

See, the problem is that you weren’t clear about YOUR problem: your problem is that the head and the body are now 2 different objects. That means you probably pressed “P”(shortcut for seParate) when you had the body selected, and it turned into a different object. To fix that, select both the head and the body, and press Ctrl+J. Bear in mind that the object(s) you select first will be joined to the object you select the last(which will be the “active object”). That means that the name and the object center for the whole thing will be that of the last object selected. I hope that helps

you should check this out

thank you very much for that :o

I’m still learning have a long way to go.

I probably would have stared at that for hours and never known it was the key P.

The tutorial you linked I have already and it was the one I used to help me make that model. It’s a great tutorial though I was disappointed that he chose a character that lacked a large number of facial features such as eyes and ears which did make life harder for me when making my model but otherwise it’s a great tutorial.

in future I will try to be more clear in defining my problems. Ended up here cause the search engines couldn’t understand my problem. :stuck_out_tongue: