Trouble with Solidify

Hi, all !

I have troubles with Solidify.
As you can see from the attached picture, I am modeling a ship’s hull. I have created the faces for the stem, and I want to give them some thickness with Solidify.
Problem : the thickness is added roughly along the X axis, not along the faces’ normals. What would be the cause?
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P.S : I use 2.69.


Apply object scale & rotation. Ctrl+A -> rotation & scale.

Try also to display the normals in order to check in which direction they’re going. If it’s not correct, you can try Ctrl+N to see if it solves the case.

Neither seems to work, unfortunately. Thanks to you both, anyway.

If anybody is interested, I have attached my very simple .blend file (don’t get fooled by its size).

Other question: Solidify may be bugged. How can I report a bug?

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Do what JA12 tells you to do to give you the attached result

Right. My sincere apologies to JA12 and to you.
Now, would JA12 or you be a little more explicit ? Because obviously I have missed something.
Thanks in advance,

In Object Mode, you simply select your object and press CTRL + A , in the popup that will follow you select “Rotation&Scale”, or in the menu you click on Object -> Apply -> Rotation&Scale

This is because at some point you have either rotated or scaled your object while being in Object Mode (doing so in Edit Mode wouldn’t have needed you to apply the rotation&scale with CTRL+A)

Select the object in OBJECT MODE, press Ctrl+A and select Scale.

In the properties panel (shortcut N) you will see tha scale of your object for each axis. This operation will change each axis back to 1, otherwise the solidify modifier uses the scale values you currently have.

Oooh, aaah, oooh! Thanks a lot, really!
Problem solved :slight_smile: