Trouble with the 2.5 shortcuts

I´m missing a lot of the old shortcuts, especially in the edit mode. Is it possible to replace the new shortcuts with the old ones again? I mean not by changing every single one again or something… more like switching between presets. And I´d like to have those menus, that pop up when you klick for example “k” in the editmode, again. These where pretty useful, because you hadn´t to remember the shortcut for every single tool, but could select them pretty fast anyway.

I googled for the Topic, but couldn´t really find anything useful…

Use the toolshelf (T) or F6 in combination with operations like the knife tool.
Specify what shortcuts you want rather than just “a lot of the old shortcuts” which doesn’t really help.

for me, it was kind of frustrating: finally learned useful shortcuts on 2.5x and on 2.59… bye!:confused:
But one has to go with the flow and get used to the overwhelming speed of blenders’ developers!

EDIT: i was using a weird build… haha!! shame on me, installing “stable” gave me back all the missing shortcuts!