trouble with unwrapping

So I’ve got a simple model I’m trying to paint a texture on. When I go to unwrap it, it seems to work fine, but then when I go to paint it, it wants me to paint the inside surface of the model-- the part that nobody will see. How did this happen, and how do I fix it?

try selecting your face and clicking the “flip normals” button in the editing/mesh tools tab.

maybe that will work.

that could be the issue indeed but the same happened to me when i tried to follow along the barrel tutorial in the,i think the problem might be related to the video card,coz when i paint my model i can see it only when i switch to the object mode then it refreshes the “image” so i can see how the texturing is going,but in the UV view i can see it painting with no problems …the issue only happens with the mesh itself… so it might be video card s issue and btw any clue on how to fix that?
thanks in advanced and Scottishpunk i hope thta by flipping the normals in the editing tab works for ya :wink:
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