trouble with vertex keys

I have picked up an annoying little habit in Blender when trying to assign keys to relative vertex key morphs.

I will create a mesh, and begin to assign a key with the “I” key when in edit mode. I will then create my new poses by doing the same, and then editing the mesh with that RVK selected.

I then will animate the keys, adding key frames in the IPO curve editor under “Key 1”, “Key 2” and so on… but then after a few tests of the mesh deformation, I will decide to add a new RVK. When I do, however, all the animation I have assigned to “Key 2” for example, will get shifted onto “Key 3” and so on. I suspect this problem has got something to do with the order (from top to bottom) in which each RVK appears on the IPO screen… but I just am not sure.

I was wondering if this is a genuine bug, or if I am just going about RVK animation wrong. If so, what is the propper way in which to assign your RVKs? is there a particular order to it?

All help appreciated. :o

It does have to do with the order. When you create a vertex key, you get a straight blue line that represents that key.

The order of these blue lines represents the key number. So the lowest blue line will be Key 1, the second lowest Key 2, and so on. If you create a new key, and put it as the lowest, the it will be come key 1 and the order will be changed.

Look at Figure 8 here

When you creats the vertex keys, unless you change the frame number (I think, correct me if I am wrong), all the horizontal blue lines will be placed at the same location. Therefore, it is good practice (which you may already be doing) to move the horizontal lines up as you create them, so they are not all on top of eachother.

Sorry if this is confusing. Hope it helps anyways.

Yeah, I suspected. Thanks for the help! Now my character smiles and frowns - in that order and not the other way round! :expressionless: