trouble with vertex normals

When I create a mesh circle, I notice that all the vertex normals start out facing away from the center. After some tinkering, particularly with dupliverting an object on the vertices with rotation, the vertex normals cease to point outwards but instead point in an almost tangential loop. I’ve tried tracking to a different axis, but the angle is still wrong. The objects rotate, but backwards from expectation.

This differs from the “duplivert on circle” tutorial in the manual in that I am using only a quarter of the circle, having deleted the unneeded portion. Is there some way to lock the vertex normals? Is there a technique to keep them from being recomputed incorrectly? Does this make any sense without pictures?

This is my first post, but I’ve been using blender off and on for a year or two now. Some help would be sincerely appreciated. I can post pictures to my webserver and link them if this is too vague.


Try to select all verts and hit Ctrl + N to recalculate the Normals.

Unfortunately, if the mesh is an open loop (like a row of trees or columns), then the vertex normals are unaffected. There are no faces.

Try Alt-P, Clear Parent Inverse, maybe with Ctrl-A and Alt-O on both objects first.