Trouble working with planes (meshes)

i am new to blender, so I spent the weekend trying to build a simple staircase using only planes, but I am having a hard time unioning (boolean) planes. Some times i succeed, but most of the time the operation just fails and I just do not know why.
It might have to do something with keeping my objects on the same z-axis while working on the x- and y-axis especially when snapping my objects to the grid. Although I checked the global coordinates of my objects and every single vertex using the n-key.
I attached a blend file where I already selected two planes that I can not union. Maybe you can have a look at it or maybe you have any tips or know a tutorial regarding working with planes; i couldn’t find one.
I hope you get what I mean, as English is a foreign language to me it is not easy to express myself.



help.blend (172 KB)

If you want to join the to meshes to one object, select both and press Ctrl+J.
Or use the Menu: Object - Join Objects.
After joining, you can edit the vertices by adding new ones and merging them or extruding some new.
(And much more)
The Boolean Operation is not the way to go, espacially with planes because they have 0 thickness.

Booleans are more for working on models which are representing some kind of volume (lika a cube, for example)

And Booleans give not very nice results in most cases (not a very good meshtopology).

You should try to find a good Modelling Tutorial for starters.
For example here:
Another good resource are the Blenderartmagazines, with good tutorials on certain topics.
And a BlenderTutorial Search engine:
And further Material:

Have Fun, Patel


I agree with Patel that booleans are not the way to go.

I have attached a file where I built the same object without using
booleans, Just S scale/E extrude/SHIFT-D duplicate/G grab and
F create face.

This video tutorial may help in your quest:

(Not a great tutorial but it illustrates adequately the concepts.)



Oops forgot to mention, your English is excellent…

Double oops forgot attachment…


help 001.blend (131 KB)