Troubles with a profile along a 90 deg corner spline

Hi All, I’m trying to run a profile along a curve object with 90 deg corner, but the profile tapers slightly at the corner point?
I’ve tried different curves and profile, but still end up with the same problem.
I’ve attached the file, why is the simple ideas baffle me?
Any help would be great
Ajust gutter.blend (736.8 KB)

I think it will only correctly work if you switch your curve to 2D, but before make sure that your curve is on the XY axis with an apply rotation, then it will work:

@moonboots, that’s great, thank you very much.
I thought it had to be a 2D shape, but when I selected it just produced a straight line, then in edit mode I noticed all three vertex where all in the same Y position.
I then selected the end vertex and moved it along -y which seemed to solve the issue, I’m guessing this is a bit of a “clunky” way of getting the desired result though.
I’m being a noob again, but how do I apply a rotation for the XY Axis?

you’ve rotated your object in Object mode, if you open the N panel > Item > Transform > Rotation, you’ll see that it is actually rotated (-90/0/90°), so even though the curve seems to be on the XY axis, it is not. You simply need to press ctrl A > Apply Rotation and it will be reset to 0/0/0°

I see, got you, like when you apply scale to a mesh, but in this case rotation.
Thank you very much