Troubles with Cycles in viewport

Like usual, I was working in the Node Editor with Cycles rendering in a viewport. I wanted to do a modification to my mesh in another viewport and I realized that Cycles doesn’t update when you change the geometry. It detects the changes and starts a new rendering but it renders as if no change occurred. I must go to Object Mode which triggers a new rendering, this time with the updated mesh.

That’s really weird because changes in the Node Editor are correctly aknowledged (even if I think that Blender updates sometimes for no reason)… But working on the geometry is kinda painful. The useless renderings slow down my computer for no reason if they don’t show the changes I made. I must interrupt the rendering with a “double-TAB” so that a new rendering starts because of the quick switch to Object Mode. (Double-TAB to bring me back immediately to Edit Mode.) Of course, F12 works just fine.

My setup was two 3D Views side by side, one is solid mode and the second in rendered mode, and a Node Editor full width right under. Just that. I tested with Blender 2.64.something, 2.65.2 and the very last 2.65.5, various files… Same result.

Is this a bug or a problem with my system? BTW, if it matters, my system is a 32-bit Linux on a 64-bit CPU with a GTX 560.

…And a picture to explain why I wonder if Cycles needs new glasses. :smiley: Cycles started a new render just after I turned the cube into a sphere. Still, something is wrong…

Does the same thing on my Mac. Probably just not completed code in Cycles yet for that. I would imagine it’s a low priority at this point.