troubles with image texture for object

I’m a beginner and I tried to put an image on an object. In the preview of the material it works correct:yes: but in the 3D-View rendered there is no image.:frowning: What can be wrong.
Thanks for helping me

How did you add this textures ?
What are your material settings
Have you uv unwrapped your image, of not whow are you mapping the texture to your object ?
What renderer are you using ?

Please supply a blend file with the texture packed (File / External Data) so we can see what you have/haven’t done.

Thanks for answering so quick.
I add this image in the node-editor with Image Texture and try to use . I have an example under

You have not told blender how to apply the flat texture to the 3d object.

If you do not use a Texture Coordinate node feeding into the texture node (you haven’t), blender defaults to using the object UV coordinates. You haven’t UV unwrapped your object so it cannot do that either.

Either UV Unwap the object so the texture gets applied correctly or you use one of options in the texture coordinate node

If you just create the default UV map you will get:

Thanks for helping. I’m really a beginner;)