Troubles with objects linked across scenes

This somehow hit me while doing animations. I tend to use one scene for each animation since I want the armature to move in the way the object moves so that I can place IKs precisely. Doing so is not a problem. I can take an armature and set object keyframes for the location and rotation.

So far so good but as soon as I use the object ( different objects but the same armature data block ) I hit a problem. The object keyframes suddenly stuck to the data block. Hence I can not make two objects in two different scenes where in one the armature moves forward ( to make a forward animation ) and in the other it moves backward ( for the opposite animation ). Whenever I set an object keyframe in one scene it automatically alters the other one too.

Is there a way I can have different scenes with each a copy of an armature I work on ( same data block therefore ) but with different movements so I can do proper animation?

What exactly are you trying to do? If I understand right, you are making an object with keyframes, then starting a new scene with the object. Then in the new scene you edit the keyframes. The problem arises when you notice that the keyframes in the original scene were modified as well. Am I getting this right?:confused:
Because if that’s the problem, couldn’t you just duplicate the object with all the keyframes and then put it in the new scene? Then It wouldn’t affect the other one 'cause now it’s an entirely new object. With new (still duplicated) keyframes and animations.

I try to rephrase it a bit since I think I made some typos above somewhere.

I have an armature object with name “” for example. I have now two scenes named “walk.f” and “walk.b” to make a forward and a backward animation. What I now want to do is having an object in the first and second scene both using the data block but having different displacements ( forward or backward depending on the scene ).

What I did so far has been to duplicate a scene linking the object data blocks only so that I get a new copy of the object ( which I see is the case since I can not use the same object names ) but with the same data block.

For the animations I use action strips ( since my engine export scripts expects them this way ) but the object displacement is done using object key frames in the NLA window ( to not pollute the action strips ).

So the result is that if I tamper with the object keyframes of object A ( with data block ) in scene walk.f that the changes are carried over to object B ( with data block ) in scene walk.b . This is though not what I want since for some animations ( like dodge moves ) which required a more complex movement of the player I do not want to recreate the movement whenever I want to fine tune the actual animation so the idea with having a separate scene devoted to this animation only.