Troubles with Shadows

Using the Set Smooth option in blender I did a test render and noticed something odd about the shadows. It would constantly flicker as the character changes position.

When I canceled it, it was fine. But now the character looks unsmooth and blocky.\

What should I do? is there someway that I can smooth the object without too much trouble and still have stable shadows?

PS. The mask was Set Smooth too, but there were no problems with the shadows on that specific part.

Hahli Non set smooth:

Hahli Set smooth

could you post your .blend and i will try to help

nice model btw

Yeah, post the .blend. Then someone can tell you for sure. Otherwise, my guess is that you have some doubles, you have some normal problems, and/or some non-manifold faces. This used to frustrate me a lot!

that is my guess aswell… i would just try going into edit mode pressing A to select all and then press W and then “remove doubles” if that doesnt fix it then post the .blend on here and one of us can have a look, good luck!

Thanks, I figured it out. ^-^

your welcome :slight_smile: was it because you had doubles?