Troubleshoot: Orbiting Material

Trouble 1:
As you can see in the screen grab I have a big orbiting pancake thats linked to my Donut. (doing the Blender Guru Youtube tutorial). Not sure how I can get rid of that thing tho or where it comes from. If i mark it it also marks my donut and if I delete it I also remove the donut. Any ideas?

Trouble 2:
The comp has partially turned really dark. I have 3 lights with high values. As you can see on the globe icon down right of this picture it feels like if i twisted the lights or something somehow. Turning some parts pitch black.

Trouble 3:
When I render I somehow have lost the background color which was added and prior worked perfectly in Compositing. Now the background color disappear in render and also turned the background sprinkles into blurry objects. See the picture of render.

Please help out if you have any ideas and ask if I need to attach more screens of settings etc.

Blender v3.0.



please dont ask 3 questions in one post, split them separately, this makes it easier to answer and help others to search a solution if the question is answered.

  1. Check if the pancake exists in edit mode too, then select the faces and delete them. It might be a modifier problem is you use them, test if it vanishes if you disable the modifiers.
  2. Did you use an HDRI? Check the shader i guess something is messed up with the nodes.
  3. The grey checkers are displayed if you use “Transparent”, uncheck it.

Check the camera for “Depth of Field” settings of the camera, that would blur the sprinkles.

Hi Rigoletto, (same nickname that my late grandmother had - loved her) :slight_smile: Thank you by the way, very happy to be here. Superbeginner to Blender but really happy while learning right now! :slight_smile:


  1. Found 4 flying vertecies. Could finally delete it when i marked all four. No more pancake! (SOLVED)

  2. What HDRI? I’m guessing I don’t.

    I upload what I got in shading. Maybe you can see something there.

  3. Unchecked transparent but nothing remains from Compositing. It just turns black instead of transparent. Should be light blue with a light/gradient. Confused.

Again - sorry for being a newbie.

  1. In the top left in the corner of the nodes where “Object” is, change it to “World” to see the world / hdri shader.
    But maybe its another problem, try to upload your .blend-file, so we can take a look at it.

  2. If you cant upload the file make a screenshot of the compositoer nodes to look at.