Troubleshooting - blender-2.57b-release-windows64- Blank Toolbars Upon Startup

My computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have a 64 bit Operating System. 3.20GHz Intel Core Processor and 8GBs installed memory.

I downloaded the new version of blender yesterday (blender 2.57b) and it was working fine. Today I opened it and the toolbars were blank - just grey. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I tried downloading again and reinstalling. Nothing is helping.

Here’s the best part: Once the new install finishes and opens Blender automatically, all the tool info and menus are there. It opens perfectly. BUT if I close it and restart it the tool bars and menus go blank again. If I double click on a pre-existing project file, Blender opens with blank toolbars and menus.

Anyone know the fix to this? I’m getting desperate.
Thanks - J.

Though I don’t use windows often, I did encounter something similare to this a while ago.

I am assuming you are installing blender to Program Files. unfortunately, when you do this the python scripts that are used in 2.5 for all the menus can’t be accessed properly by a regular user. If you run blender as an administrator, all the menus should be there.

Since it is not recomended to run any piece of software unecessarily as a powers user (plus it’s inconvenient) I would suggest you do a local install. When it asks you where you want to install blender, tell it to put it in c:/Users/YourAccount/Programs or something like that where can read and write as a normal user.

I hope this fixes your problem.